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Colorful Large Explosive Paintings


His distinctive style, emerging from the dynamic of the moment, enables him to strikingly capture immediate reality while the observer is able to palpably feel the imbedded movement.

Voka, born 1965, lives and works in the Lower Austrian town of Puchberg am Schneeberg. He coined the term “Spontaneous Realism” as a trademark for his art. Voka defines this style as a revival of the significance of contemporary art, a valued tradition in a new era, with a new interpretation reflecting today ́s spirit of the time.
Voka is a remarkably powerful and energetic artist. His special kind of “spontaneous realism” includes a driving element that is almost musical. This is because he allows the brush to dance – completely without pretense – on an open stage, so that it turns backwards somersaults and truly grooves; he actually succeeds in making his images vibrate, even stirring up the traditionalists. He continues unerringly with his work, which means translating cityscapes and portraits into a firework display of emotions and colour tones. This kind of tradition-bound expressionism stimulates the synapses and triggers feelings of nostalgia for the great era of classical modernism – until we unexpectedly come across a subjective turn in the composition. He uses it to catapult us back, lost in multi-coloured dreaming, into the present day.