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Llya Shkipin Paintings - The Choices

Disappearance and passing of time becomes one of the most defined themes in his work: he depicts people, who just left their places, leaving their shadows like a preserved memory where they once existed, the spaces they occupied

Ilya Shkipin (b. 1989) holds a BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art in San-Francisco and currently lives and works in Hayward, California. After graduating high-school his interest in sci-fi and fantasy illustration quickly faded and was completely replaced with a fascination by a contemporary art.
The couches and chairs, stations, big empty rooms and tiny claustrophobic holes are like dreamy memorials of life that filled them. He transforms internal experiences of events, objects, people and places that surround him in his life and reflect through his subconscious, through sloppily thrown paint, through spastic marks, blind contours, desperately trying to describe the real objects, but nervously escaping, fighting with each other, morphing into other shapes.
Llya Shkipin - Self Portrait
Llya Shkipin Paintings